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Mobile Internet Unli Surf Promos: Smart, Globe, Sun, RED, TM, TNT


Mobile Internet Promos:


Mobile Internet Promos

Smart Mobile Surfing - Regular Rate: P10 every 30 minutes and Off-peak Rate (2am – 6am) P20 every hour + 1 hour free. Visit  on your mobile phone.


Always On

Mobile Internet now gets more affordable with SMART Always On packages. Stay online for up to 30 days with 250mb of consumable data. Kaya ang dami mo nang pwedeng magawa sa presyong kayang-kaya!

1,500,000 tweets or
15, 000 facebook posts or 
15, 000 emails
…and more!

Stay online always with ALWAYS ON 300! Text ON 300 to 2200 now.

Always On Plans*:

Name Price Volume Validity Text To
Always On 20 P20 25 MB 1 day ON 20 2200
Always On 30 P30 50 MB 1 day ON 30
Always On 300 P300 250 MB 30 days ON 300
Always On 500 P500 500 MB 30 days ON 500
Always On 750 P750 1 GB 30 days ON 750
Always On 995 P995 2GB 30 days ON 995

*Available to SMART Postpaid, Prepaid and Broadband

ALWAYS ON Surf Calculator


Yahoo! UNLI15

Yahoo! UNLI15

Unlimited access to Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger for only P15/day. Text YAHOO UNLI to 211 or go to to avail!




- type on your mobile phone's web browser to go to the mobile internet data plans landing page. Choose the data plan you wish to purchase and agree to the terms and conditions.

P20 = Daily Surf - 1 hour and valid for 1 day.

P40 = Buddy Surf - 2 hours and valid for 2 days.

P60 = Daily Surf - 3 hours and valid for 3 days.

Now you can now start browsing. Either by directly typing the URL of the mobile site you want to go to or by going through your bookmarks.

BLACKBERRY UNLIMITED INTERNET PLANS - Service is available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid subscribers who will avail or are current BlackBerry handsets users.


P50 = Daily - Text BB DAY to 2207

P300 = Daily - Text BB WEEK to 2207

P2100 = Daily - Text BB MONTH to 2207

  Minimum airtime balance of P1 required to avail of the service

You will receive a message indicating your successful purchase, the terms and conditionsand the service bookmark.


UNLI SURF plans:

Unli Surf Daily = P50 / day
Unli Surf Weekly = P300 / Week
Unli Surf Monthly = P1,200 / month

To register, simply visit using your Smart celphone and select the package you want to avail or simply key in SURF and send to 211 to get information about the service.


1. Simply visit on your phone's web browser and select the UNLI Surf plan from the menu.

2. After selecting the plan you want, TERMS and CONDITIONS screen will appear. Please click on the PROCEED tab to confirm your purchase

3. Confirmation screen showing the status of your data plan will be displayed. This screen will show the exact start and end time of the data validity period.

4. You can now connect to the internet at a flat rate during your validity period.

5. You can also check on the status of your plan. Just click on the STATUS tab from the menu. 

6. You can also click on the HELP tab to get more information about your mobile internet package and mobile internet services .


Mobile Internet Promos


-P10 for a total of 5 hours FB surfing. Text FBSURF10 to 8888

Super Surf

Surf, Chat, Email all you want without the fear of hidden charges!

Post Subscribers:

P50 - for 1 day Text SUPERSURF ON 50 to 8888

P220 - for 5 days Text SUPERSURF ON 220 to 8888

P999 - for 30 days Text SUPERSURF ON to 8888

For Post Subscribers Blackberry Users:

P50 - for 1 day Text BB ON 50 to 8888

P220 - for 5 days Text BB ON 220 to 8888

P999 - for 30 days Text BB ON to 8888

Prepaid Subscribers

P50 - for 1 day Text SUPERSURF50 to 8888

P220 - for 5 days Text SUPERSURF220 to 8888

For Prepaid Subscribers Blackberry Users:

P50 - for 1 day Text BB ON 50 to 8888

P220 - for 5 days Text BB ON 220 to 8888

P999 - for 30 days Text BB ON to 8888


- 25 cents per minute


Make sure YOU'RE ON. Only 25 centavos per minute! Text Powersurf15 to 8888. Consumable for 1 day.

Power Surf

* For Prepaid Subscribers Only

Surf the internet on your phone the way you want it – Mobile Internet consumable per minute, valid as long as 3 days!

P15 = 1 hour - Text POWERSURF15 to 8888 valid for 1 day

P30 = 3 hour - Text POWERSURF30 to 8888 valid for 1 day

P50 = 5 hour - Text POWERSURF50 to 8888 valid for 1 day

Post your pictures to your Facebook account using your mobile phone

You can now post your pictures to your Facebook account using your mobile phone! Just send your picture to 2933. P2.50/MMS. If your phone is not yet registered to Facebook, text F to 2933 for FREE!

Sun Cellular

Mobile Internet Promos

- Regular Browsing Rates: P10 / 30 minutes valid for 2 hours only.

Free Facebook browsing - Post a status message, read updates or send comments

Text FB to 2300 to get started!

P799 UNLIMITED internet

Sun Cellular: 799  UNLIMITED internet

Sun Broadband presents its newest offer: UNLIMITED internet for just P799 a month, under 18 months holding period, with a FREE modem and a FREE ROUTER! Now you can easily share your consistent, fast, and reliable internet! For a limited time only! Visit the Sun Shop today!


Pick any iLoads

P25 = 3hrs valid for 1 day Text i25 to 247

P50 = 1 day unlimited valid for 1 day Text i50 to 247

P100 = 3 days unlimited : Text i100 to 247

P250 = 7 days unlimited : Text i250 to 247

P999 = 30 days unlimited : Text i999 to 247

Add any of these iPlans to your Postpaid line

P149 per month = 20 hours

P399 per month = 60 hours

P649 per month = 1 month unlimited

visit sun shop to get your plan. Mobile Internet speed of up to 2Mbps. Text SURF to 2300 for free information on SUN Mobile Internet (Hotline (02)395-8000 or 200 using any sun mobile)

Sun Call and Surf Unlimited

Enjoy Unlimited Fun with Sun Call and Surf
Experience Unlimited Calls & Text* plus Unlimited Mobile Internet** for only P999.
Get activated now and enjoy FREE Samsung Galaxy 5***
Visit the Sun Shops now.

* Local Sun-to-Sun Call and Text
** Subject to Sun’s Fair Usage Policy
*** 24-Months holding period

 Sun Call & Text Unlimited Superloaded promo -  Text CTU 25 to 247 = FREE 30 Minutes Mobile Internet

Blackberry Plans

BlackBerry® Plan 2500

  • Call and Text UNLIMITED
  • 350 FREE SMS to other networks
  • P500 worth of Consumable
  • UNLIMITED BlackBerry Service
  • UNLIMITED Mobile Internet
  • 24 months holding period

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